Create automatic hair cards from a Houdini Hair object WITH textures AND even some Animation?  This includes documentation and guides for making procedural hair cards using the bundled Hairdini HDA (which makes procedural hair cards from a Houdini Hair object) and The Hairdini Helper HDA, which prepares the hair card wig for animation via Pivot Painter.  Guides included for setting up an Unreal Engine shader with Pivot Painter.

The bundle also includes a procedural hair generator Substance Designer Graph, with instructions on how to use with Houdini to assemble a Comb Map.  Overall the package includes:  

  • Hairdini HDA:  Which Makes Hair Cards from Houdini Hair and packs in Comb Map data.
  • Hairdini Helper:  Sets up Pivot Painter, Auto UVs and even a Texture Atlas
  • Hairdini Substance:  A Procedural Hair Material that also packs in Comb Map data for individual hairs.  
  • Documentation and Overview on how the Hairdini HDAs operate
  • Documentation on the Substance GraphSet up guide to use Pivot Painter and Houdini and Substance made Comb Maps in UE4.

The Hairdini Package is available on GumRoad or visit:


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