In this course, the viewer will learn how to create an erupting volcano scene using Houdini 18 and will learn many different aspects of working with Houdini, from creating a Terrain to setting up a Pyro simulation, creating an infinite Ocean and mastering volumetric tools.

This course has been designed for beginner and intermediate Houdini users looking to become masters at handling large scale environments and simulations.

In Chapter 1 the viewer will go through the creation of a volcano and will learn how to add details and erosion, prepare the geometry for shaders, adding displacement, how to instance geometry, place vegetation and finally render the scene in Mantra.

In Chapter 2 the viewer will learn how to create clouds and the ocean and will watch the author creating a volume atmosphere, scattering the clouds as well as creating all the oceans details like foam, water interaction and finally a scene render with Mantra.

Chapter 3 goes over the creation of the Pyro simulation and the viewer will learn how to properly setup a simulation of large scale, setting up the vulcano emission, adding rigid bodies and more.

Chapter 4 is dedicated to rendering the entire scene in Redshift and compositing everything in Nuke!

After viewing this course, people can expect to have an understanding of creating large scenes with terrains, oceans, volumetrics and large scale Pyro simulations. 

The Author

Joel Berg
Joel Berg


Hello! I am a FX Technical Director and Actor living in Vancouver. I have been in the industry for 10 years. I studied at MET Film School in London UK, and since then have worked in studios like MPC, Prime Focus, Goldtooth Creative and some smaller studios as well. I also freelance on various projects.


  • zf223669 9 hours, 35 minutes ago  | 

    hello, i intend to build a large scale terrain that its size is 16km *16km for game scene.For faster proceeding .i created one 16*16km heightfield, and then split into 4 tile which was 4*4km,however,i could not solve the seamless problem at the edge between two terrain. i was wandering if you have any advances to share?
    thank you!

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