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A great way to learn Houdini is to become familiar with the nodes used by artists on a day-to-day basis. Explore several Look dev nodes including all the key parameters on that node and how that node can work with other nodes.

These lessons come from the Mardini 2024 Daily Art Challenge where each day artists used a chosen node to create images and animations. Moeen created these videos to help each artist get a good start to each day and the resulting videos can also be useful to the wider community.



Visual Effects artist for over 4 years and Houdini tutorial content creator. Co-founder of Nine Between, a South African Visual Effects Studio. Currently based in Johannesburg, South Africa.

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  • vrauckis 2 weeks, 3 days ago  | 

    I tried to duplicate the "Stacked" feature with just a stack of barrels but when trying to select the barrels, I get an AssertionError console message. And the barrels are NOT selected. Trying to select them individually after the message, the layout list folds and still no barrels are selected. In the viewport, I get a message at the bottom saying "This primitive can't be dragged because it hasn't been added to the physics world". I have created new files that are simply the layout and a grid, restarted Houdini (20.688), and restarted my computer, all to no avail.

    In general, it seems that Houdini is unable to keep their program from completely changing each version without breaking the nodes and acting differently compared to previous versions. It makes it almost impossible to try to learn from a tutorial that uses a version just a year old. How does SideFX expect anyone to learn?

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