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TOTAL DURATION: 1h 25m 16s

Navigating the architecture of your environment poses numerous challenges. Throughout this series, we'll delve into techniques for handling rough shapes as input to retain artistic control. Our exploration will include methods to prepare input data, ensuring that flexibility is maintained when starting the process of generating details.



Feike is always eager to help, but getting a good idea of the different solutions first. As a graduate of IGAD (International Games Architecture & Design) in The Netherlands with half a decade of experience with Houdini, he currently enforces building techniques using procedural design. He loves teaching and exploring problems from both the artistic as the math-driven side of things to get to the desired results. Teaming up with Ivo he co-founded Dokai, and is loving everything there is about sharing environmental design for games, in a procedural way.

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  • Ryan Paterson 2 months, 1 week ago  | 

    Any way you guys can improve the audio? Really hard on the ears for these long tutorials

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