SideFX Environment Artist intern Rajendra Khirodkar demonstrates one approach to Terrain Generation Workflow in Houdini, showing the latest Heightfield tools like HF Erode 2.0 and HF Scatter 2.0. He will also cover the techniques used in his Island project, such as generating and laying out island geometry, non-destructive and "collision-aware" scattering, as well as shading and rendering.

*The blue banding and colouration that you see in the viewport was due to the capture device used; we chose to use the captured session instead of re-recording, for the purpose of retaining audience questions, which may be useful for others.

Additional Links 

H16 Heightfields Masterclass by Jeff Lait
H17 Heightfield Erode 2.0  Masterclass by Ari Danesh

H17 Heightfield Scatter 2.0  Masterclass by Ari Danesh


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    Wow, this is really fantastic.
    Top shelf Rajendra.

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