Welcome to this new tutorial.

In this course you will learn the following . . . 

  •       how to build a simple building using the real measurements in Houdini and texture it like an old building.
  •       how to build a terrain using the amazing Height Field system in Houdini,  then how to export the Height Field maps to use in a real geometry.
  •       how to make an animated crack in a wall.
  •       how to distribute material preparing it for destruction.
  •       how to build a bullet solver chain for destruction without using shelf's, and how to control the fallen down of materials.

We made a separate lecture for the constraints, we will know the types of constraints, what is the benefit from it, and how to use it. We will also learn how to add debris to the destruction so we will get more reality. And of course adding the dust and know how to control it. Finally we will discuss the preparing of the complete scene for the final render. I hope u guys like it and thank you


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