Greyscalegorilla Plus

Posted Nov. 07, 2023

Greyscalegorilla, makers of premium assets and tools for 3D artists, is pleased to announce the availability of their photoreal 3D asset library, Greyscalegorilla Plus, for all major 3D applications, including Houdini. The launch of "Plus for Everyone" marks a significant milestone in the industry, solidifying Greyscalegorilla's position as a leading creator of premium artist-driven 3D assets. 

This expansion allows 3D professionals worldwide to utilize a library of 4,000 high-rez textures, materials, models, HDRIs, and plugins, enabling them to create stunning renders faster than ever.

When loading textures using the new plug-in for Houdini, artists are given the choice to create either a Material X, or VEX material. This allows you to quickly load materials for use in Karma XPU, Karma CPU or Mantra. It is also possible to create a Redshift material if you work with that 3rd party renderer inside Houdini. 

Greyscalegorilla's mission remains focused: to empower artists to achieve their best work.

It is all about helping artists. We take immense pride in what we've achieved, and our never ending customer-centric approach underlines our commitment to the community we serve.

by Nick Campbell, Founder and CEO of Greyscalegorilla

It's about delivering the most innovative high-quality materials and assets in the industry. Our curated, design-driven approach is the reason we're the most inspiring asset company out there.

by Head of Product, Chad Ashley

This announcement marks the first step in Greyscalegorilla's journey to universal accessibility for Greyscalegorilla Plus, showcasing their dedication to delivering the highest quality, photorealistic 3D assets while supporting 3D artists' creative endeavors.

How to Install the Plug-in

Pricing and Availability

Greyscalegorilla Plus membership is available from Greyscalegorilla. Subscription pricing is offered at $66.00 a month or $468.00 annually, and Greyscalegorilla for Teams volume licenses are offered to studio teams of three or more. See pricing information below. All Greyscalegorilla tools are backed by the Gorilla Guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction.

About Greyscalegorilla

For over a decade, Greyscalegorilla has been dedicated to making professional-quality 3D renders easy and attainable for any 3D artist. Through Greyscalegorilla Plus, artists have access to the most comprehensive, ever-expanding library of curated materials, HDRIs, models and award-winning plugins. Trusted by thousands of professionals worldwide, our assets are created by a dedicated team of artists who understand the unique needs of our customers and what truly defines excellence in the field.


  • heweiping.7 3 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

    Can you share the scheme of houdini in the video? It looks good!

    • Revo 3 months, 2 weeks ago  | 

      Hi, please join our Discord server and mention me by typing @Revo, I'll share the file with you.
      ( )

  • juliengosset 3 months ago  | 

    when you join by month, you can come and go regarding a job ? i mean pay one month , skip few month, and repay another month(s) later ?

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