League of Legends

Posted July 03, 2024

In this Houdini Connect we visit Sauvage.TV in Barcelona and highlight their collaboration with Riot Games on a new music video for the League of Legends franchise.

Learn more about how they developed a groundbreaking tool in Houdini that allowed traditional artists to paint directly onto geometry, adding human imperfections to CGI renders. The process bridged the gap between traditional art and advanced digital techniques, resulting in a handcrafted feel.


  • Kwesikwaa 6 days, 17 hours ago  | 

    this is amazing.
    a challenge to either attempt to create such a tool or humbly ask for the HDA :)

  • Anthony_Buckley 1 day, 8 hours ago  | 

    I imagine someone on the team later saying “and this was *before* Copernicus”. Still, there’s no regrets for stand-out hard work no matter what the desirable look becomes with every update. Making your own HDAs is more rewarding!

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