How can I use Login-based Licensing?

Login-based Licensing allows your computer to use as the license server.

You may use your licenses across a number of machines without needing to install them to any particular system. It is recommended for Indie and Education users as it is required the machine be constantly logged into the SideFX account. The client machine must be using hserver at version 18.5 minimum.

Follow these steps to start using login-based licensing:

  1. If applicable, return any installed licenses back to your SideFX account so they are now uninstalled entitlements.
  2. Open the License Administrator (hkey) and follow the next two steps.
  3. Select File->Log In to log into your SideFX licensing account.
  4. Select File->Change License Server and click the button for SideFX License Server.

The license server of the machine is now set to:

For more information: Login license reference documentation