Energy trail FX

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I have to do this kind of FX []

Some like that energy trail that quicksilver left behind.

I have tried with some of smoke simulation, but i cant make it look good, and have thing about some fluid simulation, but i really cant figure out how to do it properly.

Can someone help me, im kind of a rush here :shock: :shock: :shock:

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Jason Leandro.
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I'd guess this is done by advecting millions of points through a smoke sim and have them add their color on top of each other. So you get bands of color where there are lots of points, but it gets low opacity where there aren't many. You could additionally put on a force that pushes the points towards areas of higher density in the smoke as well, to get more discrete lines in the trails.

Another option would be to scatter a few points (like 20) that are bound to the character (attrib interpolate) that emits a trail coming off the character as he runs. You can then use that to build a discrete curve coming off of those points either to push your millions of points towards that curve, or to increase the density of your points in that area, or something.
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