Compressed fluid artifacts under the surface causing problems for whitewater

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Hey folks,

I am experiencing strange artifacts in my compressed fluid, happening under the surface (small dots / clamps of particles). It is also visible in one of sidefx's masterclasses: [] (minute 38:50)

It is not so problematic for meshing (at least not for my particular scene), but it messes up the white water emission because bubbles get emitted from those unwanted / artifact points.

I dived inside the fluid compress sop to investigate and saw that it has something to do with the surface field and culling. The culling leaves some points / chunks behind.

Did anybody experience the same and is there a fix to clean this up? (Beside cleaning it up manually by deleting points)

Thanks in advance for your time and efforts!
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Did you find any solution to that? I have the same «problem» as you.
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