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Thanks Chris for taking the time to put the list together.
Having video type, publish date and short description really helps the noobie like me! Great job.
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Updated the Learning Material worksheet [docs.google.com] with the latest webinars, presentations, tutorials and Houdini Connect vids - including:

H17 Masterclass: Terrains / Ari Danesh
Launch: Houdini 17 Banshee / Cristin Barghiel & Scott Keating
EARTH: Five Elements of VFX / Keith Kamholz
FIRE: Five Elements of VFX / Scott Keating
WOOD: Five Elements of VFX / Steve Knipping
Houdini Reality Capture Plugin / Luiz Kruel
Houdini Foundations - Dynamics / Robert Magee
PANEL: What Makes a CG Superstar?
Does your modelling department suck? / Oliver Markowski
Houdini Concepts for the Maya Artist / John Moncrief
Design Through FX / Ben Watts
AR Transformation Mask / Robert Butterworth & Jeremy Kersey
Hypercubes for VR Noobs / Matt Estela
Procedural Workflows with Houdini and Unity 2018 for Game Artists / Kenny Lammers
Character Adventures - Rigging, Animation and Crowds / Louis Dunlevy
Delayed Load Rendering Workflow / Kenneth Polonski
The Lazy Artist's Guide to Real-time VFX / Mike Lyndon
HDAs & Houdini Engine / Jeff Wagner
Planet Alpha / Adrian Lazar
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Hi Chris!
Thank you for those awesome materials!
I would also like to mention those tutorials https://www.cgcircuit.com/instructor/tyler.bay [www.cgcircuit.com] which really helped me when I was a total mess in Houdini
Also if you could mention some tutorials like those ( video tutorials) would be really nice and helpful . I, personally, bored reading books, video tutorials is helping me more
Thanks again!
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Some new additions to the Houdini Learning Material Worksheet [sidefx.co] to the worksheet, including:

Making of Toon-shading Look Fluid Effects | Masato Tsuzuki
Houdini Rendering & De-noising | Mark Elendt
The Virtual Form | Luigi Honorat
Algorithmic Design with Houdini | Junichiro Horikawa
Procedural Hard Surface Design | Akira Saito
Material-Based Dynamics | Rob Stauffer
Vellum Cloth | Rob Stauffer
Vellum Cloth Basics (from THUG) | Sara Rascon
Quixel Bridge / Houdini Live Link | Quixel TechArt Team
H17 Masterclass: Vellum Drape | Jeff Lait
Brick Smash Part 3 | Next Steps | Mark Spevick
Brick Smash Part 2 | Under the Hood | Mark Spevick
Brick Smash Part 1 | Off the Shelf | Mark Spevick
Houdini Game Tools | Luiz Kruel, Mike Lyndon + Paul Ambrosiussen
H17 Masterclass: Vellum Overview | Jeff Lait
Jeff's Top 10 Features of H17 | Jeff Wagner
H17 Masterclass: Terrains / Heightfield Scatter | Ari Danesh

Houdini Connect: Reflection & Notion | Students
Houdini Connect: Houdini Education in France | Various Schools
Houdini Connect: Lloyds Bank - Running of the Horses | The Mill
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Where is the scene file from this https://vimeo.com/album/5371149/video/305053254; [vimeo.com] been waiting, now that you guys released 17.5 I was hoping someone could make this scene file appear ?
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This is a great learning resource! Thanks for maintaining such a detailed list of all the best SideFX training resources in one place. It makes it so much easier to find things! It really comes in handy whenever I need to find answers to rather obscure Houdini topics.

Rusty Hazelden
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This is great! Thank you Chris.
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New update on the SideFX Learning Material worksheet [docs.google.com].

It's been a while since the last update, so there were lots of additions as you can see below - which are all just from 2019! We can't say this enough, but THANK YOU to everyone who works with us to develop this educational material to share with the Houdini community!!

- Vellum Cloth Jeff Lait
- From Motion to Emotion Niels Prayer
- Houdini Crowds at MPC Mikael Pettersén
- Creative Ways of Using Houdini for Motion Graphics Maxime Hacquard
- Houdini Oceans Jeff Wagner
- Building Worlds with Houdini Benoit Martinez
- Houdini as the Best Software for 3D Grooming Andriy Bilichenko
- Houdini & 3D / Surface Scanning Workflows Paul Parneix
- Intro to Motion Operators (MOPs) Moritz Schwind & Henry Foster
- Evolving Pipelines with PDG Jeff Wagner
- Advanced Vellum Workflows John Lynch
- Houdini Pyro FX (Series) Mark Spevick
- Process Multiple Objects with TOPS Rob Stauffer
- Houdini 17.5 Features Fuat Yüksel
- LYNX Tools Luca Scheller
- Top Five Features in Houdini 17.5 Jeff Wagner
- Renderman for Houdini Sarah Forcier
- #FREELANCETHUGLIFE Tim van Helsdingen
- Hellboy: A Look Into the FX Alexander Dimov & Angel Ivanov
- Curated Motion Design with Houdini Simon Holmedal
- Creatures in Houdini Ahmed Gharraph
- Virgin - Depart The Everyday Simon French
- Evolving Destruction Workflows Keith Kamholz
- RBD Tools Update Cameron White
- Terrain Tools Rajendra Khirodkar
- Rapid Level Creation for Unity Mobile Paul Ambrosiussen
- Terrain Generation Ari Danesh
- PDG Automation Pipeline: Make More Assets Rob Stauffer
- Simplifying Indie GameDev Workflows Luis Garcia
- Scan Data & Procedural Workflows: Behind the Scenes of Rebirth Luiz Kruel & Galen Davis
- H17.5 GameDev Tools Update Mike Lyndon
- Marvel’s Spider-Man, meet Houdini David Santiago
- Houdini as a Comprehensive Gamedev Tool Ben House
- On the Origin of Darwin Project's Geometry by Means of Houdini Stephen Tucker
- Building Worlds in Unity Elvar Örn Unnþórsson
- Sea of Thieves: Tech Art and Shader Development Valentine Kozin
- Creating Assets and Crowds for Unity Danicka Oglesby
- Photogrammetry & Volumetric Video Techniques Will Driscoll / Danilo Moura Silva
- Building a Large Scale Environment PDG Pipeline (Series) Kenny Lammers
- Houdini Engine & Pipeline Tools Robert Magee
- Houdini Tools for Unity VFX Graph Thomas Iché
- Bladerunner 2049 & Coco VR Cosku Turhan
- Size Matters: The New Measure SOP Fianna Wong
- Intro to Procedural Modeling: Not Just Another Rock Generator John Moncrief
- Procedural Race Tracks for Mobile Games Stoyan Dimitrov
- Photoshop Level Design in Unity using Houdini Engine Luiz Kruel
- PDG | Conceptual Introduction Ari Danesh
- PDG for Indie Gamedev (Series) Kenny Lammers
- PDG | Space Colonization Ari Danesh
- PDG | Particle Stream Wedging Moritz Schwind
- PDG For Design Work (Series) Moritz Schwind
- Framestore Creatures & Houdini Ahmed Gharraph
- Awakening the Crowds for Nike's ‘Phantom’ Dan Yagici / Adam Droy
- Hair, Feathers and Fur Hudson Martins / Camille Fourniols / Philipp Buschauer
- Character FX & Cloth in H17 Jeff Wagner
- Mountain Men: Nature's Thread David Deacon
- Feathers: From Model to Groom to Render Chris King
- Hair and Fur Grooming in H17 Kai Stavginski
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Updated the Learning Library…

https://sidefx.co/38UXV0B [sidefx.co]

Here's the list of educational material published since October:

  • Masterclass: Vellum Constraint Features John Lynch
  • Generating Procedural Motion Using CHOPs Mihnea Stoica
  • Soft-body FEM Workflow Tips Emily Fung
  • Sci-fi Level Builder Simon Verstraete
  • H18 Solaris Yuqing Chen
  • Houdini and Redshift Kays Alatrakchi
  • Sci-fi Core Simon Verstraete
  • Sci-fi Stair Generator Simon Verstraete
  • Rigging: Series 2 Michael Goldfarb
  • MasterClass: 64-bit Processing in Houdini 18.0 Jeff Lait
  • Sci-fi Terminal and Tanks Simon Verstraete
  • Sci-Fi Door Generator Simon Verstraete
  • MasterClass: Attribute Paint Jeff Lait
  • Intro to Houdini 18 Rohan Dalvi
  • Cupcake Project Rohan Dalvi
  • Doing Big Work with a Small Team Matt Ebb
  • SideFX Solaris: A Production Perspective Luke Gravett
  • Fun with Reaction-Diffusion in Houdini Dan Wills
  • Open Firehawk: Hybrid Open Cloud Infrastructure & PDG Andrew Graham
  • New RBD Workflow Tools in Houdini 18 Nick Petit
  • Houdini: You're learning it wrong (no really this time) Matt Estela
  • Punching Above Your Weight Nick Angus
  • Intelligent Setups for Automating Character FX Adam Katz
  • Sci Fi Crates Simon Verstraete
  • VELLUM: Workflow Concepts John Moncrief
  • Sci Fi Panel Generator Simon Verstraete
  • Building Generator Simon Verstraete

And the list of Houdini Connects and Reels published since October:
  • USD / Solaris Animal Logic
  • Peter Rabbit Animal Logic
  • Nanotale - Typing Chronicles Fishing Cactus
  • Unity + Houdini Reel Various
  • Huawei Mate 20 Unexpected
  • Houdini Education Reel 2019 Various
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Awesome resources! So excited to start and continue learning Houdini! Thanks you!
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Updated the Houdini Learning Library - https://sidefx.co/houdini-learning-library [sidefx.co]

New educational material published over the past few months include:

  • CHOPs for Music and Constraints Guilherme Casagrandi & Fabricio Chamon
  • Escape' Project Workflow Arnold Song
  • Post Apocalyptic Ruins Simon Verstraete
  • SideFX Labs | Ruler Michael Buckley
  • Coffee Time with ХАРКОННЕН + Alexey Vanzhula Anatolii Iudanov & Alexey Vanzhula
  • Generating G-Code Ivan DeWolf
  • VEX Traffic Simulation Franco Pizzani
  • Viewport Fog Simon Verstraete
  • Houdini Engine for Unity | Session Sync Simon Verstraete
  • Topo Transfer Fianna Wong
  • Path Deform Fianna Wong
  • Grooming Barry Bacon Gabriela Salmeron
  • Neural Video Style Transfer Leveraging PDG Manuel Koster
  • Product Proceduralization Kyle Sowry
  • Virtual Production Strategies Ted Pallas
  • Houdini for the Mad Scientist Sam Swift-Glasman
  • Maya to Houdini Transition Guide Robert Magee
  • Just the Tip(s) Matt Estela
  • Updates and Some Sneaky Peeky Updates and Some Sneaky Peeky
  • Master the Fundamentals Tim van Heldsingen
  • MANvsMACHINE Tim Bolland
  • B is for Ben: Creating the Character in Houdini Rok Andic
  • Water Splashes on the Cheap (FLIP-Free) Nikolay Skolkov
  • Do More With Crowds Mikael Pettersen
  • Ready for Battle: The FX in Midway Marc Joos and Adam Figielski
  • Vehicle Destruction & Dynamic Rigging with RBDs Keith Kamholz
  • Artist to Leader | Hudson Martins Artist to Leader | Hudson Martins
  • Natural Destruction David Adan
  • Battle Worms, Birds, and Big Blue Beings Ahmed Gharraph
  • The Sparse Pyro Process Tyler Bay
  • Look Who's Back: Arnold for Solaris Varomix
  • Renderman for Houdini Sarah Forcier
  • SideFX Labs: Tools for Everyone Paul Ambrosiussen
  • Houdini as a Vector of Creativity Maxime Hacquard
  • Motion Design Hacks Mark Fancher
  • Design x Stimulation Lukas Vojir & Alexa Sirbu
  • MOPS: Beyond Motion Graphics Henry Foster
  • Paintings in Motion David Ferreira
  • Creating Cinematic Environments Adrien Lambert
  • Paint, Peaks and Primitives Will MacNeil
  • Solaris Workshop - Lighting/Multi-Shot Rendering Rob Stauffer
  • Solaris Workshop - Rigid Body Fracturing with Solaris Steven Knipping
  • Solaris Workshop - Magic Cauldron Simon Littlejohn
  • Solaris Workshop - Photorealistic Tree Sims Driven by Velocity Fields Mohamed Kamal Abujazar
  • Solaris Workshop - Layout and Scene Assembly Rob Stauffer
  • Solaris Workshop - Asset Prep for Solaris Jeff Wagner
  • Solaris Workshop - Solaris and Pipelines Jeff Wagner
  • Solaris Workshop - Intro to USD Concepts Rob Stauffer
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I finally did an update on the Digital Houdini Learning Library - SO much material since July! A HUGE thank you to everyone who worked on any of these super-valuable sessions!!

http://sidefx.co/houdini-learning-library [sidefx.co]

Destruction FX in SOPs Mark Spevick Escape Studios

Model a Procedural House Mark Spevick Escape Studios

SideFX Labs | Go Z Install Paul Ambrosiussen SideFX

Biharmonic Capture | KineFX Michael Buckley SideFX

Houdini to Niagara Simon Verstraete SideFX

PANEL: How to Make a Killer Reel and Get a Job at a Studio VARIOUS VARIOUS

Procedural Approaches for Magical FX Sophie Noel, Mathieu Rondet ArtFX

Procedural at BUas Ronny Franken, Zoran Arizanovic, Robbie Griggvv, Bojan Endrovski Breda University of Applied

The Swiss Army Knife and the Research Lab David Tree Hertfordshire

Houdini Unpacked Daniel Hourigan CG Spectrum

A Pipeline in Thirteen Lines of Python Sean Lewkiw Lost Boys school of VFX | Montreal

Procedural Modeling of Japanese Castle Yoshihiro Miura Tokyo University of Technology

How to Learn Houdini from Scratch in 13 Weeks Matt Brunner Digipen

WELLYWOOD VFX Areito Echevarria, Raqi Syed, Sunny Teich Victoria University of Wellington

Adding the Fun to Math Fundamentals Jan Mentzel, Ruben Tack Howest

Production of Stranded Thomas Renault, Thomas Spony, Maxime Salvatore ESMA

Breakdown of the Graduation Short ‘Migrants’ Antoine Dupriez & Migrant Movie Team Pole IIID Roubaix

Flooding Stairs: Flip Fluids & Real-Life References Luke Vuilliomenet Savannah College of Art and Design

BUas Procedural Showcase Aleksandra Radivilovic, Erwin Smeenge, Jens van Kampen, Joshua Rizzo, Peter Prickarz Breda
University of Applied Sciences

Abducting the Car, An Automobile Commercial Felipe Amaya Savannah College of Art and Design

Procedural Crystal Generation Rodney Mutanga University of Bolton

Creating Lightning with VEX Nathan Clark University of Bolton

Houdini Engine for UE4 Simon Verstraete SideFX

Directed Procedural Workflows with Houdini and Unity Paul Ambrosiussen SideFX

Procedural Desert Simon Verstraete SideFX

Vex Isn't Scary Moeen Sayed NineBetween

Top Ten Under-the-Radar Features in H18.5 Jeff Wagner SideFX

Chain SOP Adam Swaab

KineFX for Games Luiz Kruel SideFX

Sexy Explosions Attila Torok SideFX

Vellum Cloth Andriy Bilichenko

Houdini Engine for UE4 Simon Verstraete SideFX

Retargeting Animation using KineFX Bogdan Zykov

Be in Control - Crowds and KineFX Mikael Pettersen MPC

Introducing KineFX Henry Dean SideFX

Animation Cleanup Tools KineFX Mihnea Stoica SideFX

PDG Shotgun Publisher Tool Paul Lemeshko

Solaris Rob Stauffer SideFX

KineFX: Curve Solver VOP Guillaume Laferriere SideFX

KineFX: Camera on Path SOP Constraint Guillaume Laferriere SideFX

KineFX: IK Solver SOP Guillaume Laferriere SideFX

KineFX: Motion Retargeting Fianna Wong SideFX

Solaris Render Gallery Fianna Wong SideFX

Physical Lens and Focus Plane Fianna Wong SideFX

PolyBevel Fianna Wong SideFX

PDG | Wedging a Compile SOP Network Michael Buckley SideFX

Houdini To Niagara Workflow Mike Lyndon SideFX

Transformation, Abstraction, Repetition, and How to Think Like a Chef Han Han Xue Lyft

Character Animation in Houdini Delano Athias
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Wow amazing amount of resources! Is it supposed to include all Houdini related videos?

It seems to be missing:

“Retiming Ocean Spectra for Complex Ocean Shots” by Yunus Balcioglu:

“Mighty Metaballs” by Todd Dufour

thank you very much for your work
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Thanks for pointing those out - added!
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Hi there @crishebert!
Are you planning to make further updates to the table, or it's abandoned?
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Hello Chris,
Will the demo files from the new H19 Velum Tissue system be available for download here. I'm very eager to start learning and using this system and see how it compares to Ziva Dynamics.

Thanking you,
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Hello there! I need to get an alpha channel from a glass material in Karma, but I can`t(MaerialX). I see the only solid white color without a gradient. How can I set it up?
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