problem for render a Maya scene with HDA on a renderfarm

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I've got a problem when i try to render a Maya scene with HDA on a renderfarm. It shows me this error :
The attribute 'hda_test1.outputObjects.outputGeos.outputParts.outputPartMesh' cannot be connected to ‘hda_test1_0Shape.inMesh’.
This connection exists in the node editor and when I break it, the render works but I lost the HDA animation (just a deformation on a sphere by an animated noise).

Somebody have an idea ? I can't see my HDA in the rendered file.

I use Renderman 19 (Reyes) and Maya 2015. I have exported this HDA with Houdini

Thank you in advance for your answers.
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It looks like something is trying to modify the connection at render time. The Maya plugin shouldn't be making any connection changes unless it's doing a sync. Do you have auto sync on? But even when doing a sync, I wouldn't expect this error to happen.

Does this error happen if you render locally?

It'd be really helpful if you can post an asset and scene file that can reproduce the problem.
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