Why does object display in Unity change?

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Hi there, I have a simple curve decorator knock off, where I am copying a simple HEngine asset (glorified cube with some controls) onto my filled curve decorator hda knock off.

I am seeing that after I have more than about 90 copies of the cube in the curve the display switches to cards. I assume this is a performance optimization on HE's part, not unity's. I am just curious what the trigger is? Its no where close to the 32K points per object unity supports in Unity 5, and I think that limit skyrockets in Unity 2017.x. So just curious what triggers it so I can potentially replace it with a more representative stand-in or have the cards not come on till more draw etc.


Update. Did a test with an intermediate stand-in (unity can't render my usual wire sculpture type preview ).. and got to about 39K verts before things disappeared. Performance seems ok.. its still pretty interactive both adjusting the curve, or editing the object count when things turn to cards or disappear.
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What happens if you generate an FBX in Houdini with the same parameters and import into Unity?

Are you able to attach an HDA for me to test?
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