How to log bugs and rfe's for Houdini *READ THIS FIRST*

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How to log bugs and rfe's (sugs) for Houdini

Option #1
If you are up to date on your AUP (Annual Upgrade Plan) you can have direct access to our database in order to log bugs and rfe's and view the current status of your bugs. If you don't already have access, please contact your Sales Representative and they'll help you get set up and provide you with all the details. This is by far the fastest and most effective way of getting your issue into the hot little hands of the developers. []

Option #2
You can e-mail your bug or rfe to They will review your issue prior to submitting it into our database and may contact you if they require more information.

Option #3
You can also submit your bug using our online form at > Support > Submit Bugs and RFEs: []

No matter which of these three options you use, there are a few key pieces of information that we need to know:
What platform you're on (Win10, Linux, OSX)
What version of Houdini you're using. (eg. 17.5)
Steps on how to reproduce the bug with scene file or images if necessary.
Giving us info on your graphics card and driver is also helpful, especially if the bug you're logging is a display or OpenGL related issue.

Posting to the forums is NOT how you should log bugs. They aren't tracked by Support or QA and there's no guarantee that anyone from SideFX will see it. Sometimes a SideFX person may be lurking in the forums and may even respond, but don't count on it. The forums are really for peer support and questions of other users. We have a great bunch of really helpful and knowledgeable users out there and they may help you out, but if you have an issue that needs attention from someone at SideFX, posting it in the forums is definitely not the way to go about it. If you have a BUG or an RFE, you should use option 1, 2, or 3 to let us know.

Thanks for your co-operation!
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