Getting ropgeometry to run all work items

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I am creating a batch converter, converting GML files to BGEO files. I first use “File Pattern” to read the GML files, “Attribute from String” to get the name of the folder, and I used “ropgeometry” with “file” node inside to write the output BGEO files in the respective folder structure. However, the file only writes out when I click on each work item. It will not run all, and when there are hundreds of work items, it takes a lot of time. Is there a way to run all the work items at one go? I tried cooking the node, it doesn't work. Thank you.

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Is your SOP network inside the rop geometry node, using the dive target? If it is you'll need to disable the Use External Sop parameter on the rop geometry node. By default the rop geometry expects to be pointed to an external Sop network.

Is that perhaps the issue you're seeing?
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