Recommended workflow for curves which mix straight and broken tangents

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it seems to me that Houdini Curves created with the Unity plugin can either be smooth (Nurbs or Bezier with an Order larger than 2) or linear (Polygonal or Nurbs and Bezier with an order of 2), but can’t contain both within one curve. Or in other words, can’t contain points with broken tangents and straight tangents within one curve.
I’m wondering what might be the best workflow to create shapes like in the attached image in a tool.

Two possible solutions came to my mind:

• Create a curve in which all points have broken tangents (polygonal) and bevel the sections that should be smooth, for example by specifying a U value (start and end)
• Create 2 curves (one with straight tangents and one with broken tangents) that get combined by the tool

Both ideas don’t seem ideal too me regarding the workflow for the users of the tool. I wonder if I’m overseeing something obvious.
Does anyone have any tips or ideas what could be a better way to go?
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