further animate Alembic Files in Houdini?

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Hi I have an alembic file from Modo that contains “raining cubes” I can get it into Houdini, I can convert the .abc file to an RBD and have the cubes rain down and interact with a ground plane but…. the alembic file acts as a single abject, i.e. the cubes do not bounce individually. after the initial contact with the ground plane, the entire animation shoots up.

perhaps I don't fully understand the limitations of the alembic format?

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.
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you need to give more information: Are the cubes exported (and imported) as individual objects or as one huge chunk? Do they have any ID on them so that you could split the geometry into separate objects?
For a simulation to work the way you hint at, each cube has to be separate geometry. If you treat the whole geometry you imported from the ABC as one chunk, your simulation cannot do anything else but follow your lead. Either you split the content up in Houdini - or you export as individual objects to begin with.
Maybe you could link a test file with reduced geometry (two cubes?) …


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