Importing rigged character from another .hip file

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Having trouble bringing a rigged character into another .hip project. I have a character rigged in a separate project and when I merge it with my main scene, the geometry in the rig node gives me an invalid source error. “Only tetrahedrons allowed” is the error on the bonecapturebiharmonic node. In the scene where the character is rigged, everything is fine. Any ideas what I am doing wrong?
Brad Schreiber
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Moin, Brad,

too many variables … it might be that nodes are renamed during merging and updating the paths fails somewhere. You should be able to spot that by walking up the hierarchy of the capture node (there's probably an object merge somewhere). It might be that Houdini internally set a switch the wrong way, try switching options back and for (I noticed that object-merge sometimes gets the transform set up wrongly, by inverting it and inverting it back, things behave normally again).

Or you create a simplified test setup, rig a sausage or a cube, and check things with that first. Most of the time it's faster to figure out what's wrong in a “toybox scenario”.

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Hi !

If you want to have a Rigged Character on several hip file, I suggest you to make a HDA of your rig.

Or, if you don't want, before merging your rig, put it in a subNetwork.

Hope it help !
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