How to access the step ladder on a Mac Laptop?

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Over the past few months I have switched my entire workflow to be completely mobile (no peripherals) just the laptop. I was able to convert Houdini to work nicely with this set up. The only trouble I am having is being able to access the ladder when changing parameters. I am able to roll my fingers (as you would a webpage) to get through the units quickly and hold SHIFT to slow it down. However I would love access to the 00's, 10's 100's etc. Does anyone have any idea how to access this with the touchpad?

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Map one of your keyboard keys to the middle mouse button.

I use karabiner, but I haven't run houdini on osx in a while, it seems every major osx upgrade breaks this handy tool: []

There's an envvar trick from Noah documented there too. [] []
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