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I endeavoured to create innovation tools with a little intelligence because these polygons on the statue can calculate the amount of area and distance simultaneously .Accordingly , this progress continue until approaching to the borders .
It can be clearly seen that ,after a second ,in the process area there are red color with the most hight .I am firm believer that ,this such effects merely created by VEX codes to better control .I should say, this was a worthful experience when I had to comprehend concept of VEX and HScript in Houdini .
This work rendered by Mantra in Houdini environment .

Good luck and sincerely yours



Hello dears I am a tiny 3D generalist in this gigantic graphic galaxy with a rudimentary knowledge about the gripping world . My main software is 3DsMax but I am firm believer that , this software had not efficient influences in these years so it is better I alter my main software as soon as possible . For this reason I took a controversial decision to perform this and selected Houdini . I express the idea that , the best choice for generating all kind of virtual effects in divers a wide range of field like Game , advertisement , TV and movies is Houdini . In contrast , if I wand honestly speaking ,I should say , it is absolutely different compared with 3DsMax , because Houdini has contemporary core and profit with varied a wide variety of interior coding languages and lead to diversity and of course predicaments .These such hardships are appealing for most artists in this field and it is naturally so I also enjoy these issues . faithfully yours

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