Houdini interior and procedural bed

I created interior and procedural bed for customize size and fast change materials, size, textures and other bed parts, i have corrected uv on all models. Rendered in Octane Render for Houdini.



I started as a CG-artist in 2002 on small projects(visualizations for public departments) in 2004 I became 3d artist for Fanatic games studio(game models, rigging, optimization) which was my big career jump. Since then I've been producing game models and resources to many projects including Mafia(Illusion softworks), Overkill 3 (Craneballs studios), World of tanks(Wargaming). Lately I am concentrating on creating interior&exterior resources for visualizations and games for Unreal engine.

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  • peterhamlin 11 months, 3 weeks ago  | 

    When you say bed, you mean all the bedcloth aswell? sheets, pillows and blankets to?

  • Pavel Dostal 11 months, 1 week ago  | 

    Hi, no only bed frame , bed cloth but i can create , bed cloth is need cloth simulation for realistic look.

  • peterhamlin 11 months, 1 week ago  | 

    I understand. Looks very good!

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