Massive Explosion

Hi everyone!

Antoine Jaspar and myself are super thrilled to show you our last project we did together during our free time! It’s a big explosion happening in a rocky desert type of environment, inspired by the massive explosion scene in Rogue One.

For this shot, I was in charge of every aspect of 3D (FX, lighting, modeling, shading, assets layout, etc) and Antoine carried the rest brilliantly.
It’s been 1 year since I got my first job as a FX Artist/Houdini Generalist and I wanted to showcase some new skills of mine. The initial plan was to make a simple trails generator tool. Then I thought why not make a good looking shot with a bit more in it (explosion, shock wave, trails, rock destruction, debris, etc).

Hope you’ll enjoy the breakdown! C&C welcome!

Special thanks to Colin Ramon for the sound design, and Arthur Tasquin for being there with us during our late working sessions on discord :)


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