Olethros project

This was our final term project Olethros. This project was done in 4 months and with a team of 7 students while we are still learning Houdini FX.

As a team lead, we are proud to present our final Product Olethros.

Credit :
Lai Keng Yu: vimeo.com/user74490159
Darren lesmana: vimeo.com/user74369763
Chiew Wen Shu: vimeo.com/user74493874
Conan Jip: vimeo.com/conanjip
Nafisah Smith: vimeo.com/user74235186
Jeremia Kenneth: vimeo.com/mrbutlerc
Loh Pei Ling: vimeo.com/user74510296/


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