July 30 - Aug 1

Join us to learn about our latest release Houdini 20.5 and its key features such as an MPM solver and Copernicus, an image engine for creating textures and slap comps. SIGGRAPH 2024 is being held at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver.

You can find us in Room 601 at the Houdini HIVE Lounge. While there is a SideFX booth [#717] on the show floor it will not be populated with staff.


Room 601 | July 30 - Aug 1

Stop by the Houdini HIVE Lounge to meet and  talk with fellow Houdini artists. We would love to learn about the work you do and how Houdini can help you continue to work procedurally. 

This room will be open:

July 30 | 10AM-6PM
July 31 | 10AM-6PM
August 1 | 10AM-4PM

Mardini 2024 | popitz


Rooms 602/604 | July 30 - Aug 1

SideFX has a meeting room available for studios who want a one-on-one demo or wish to speak with someone about building a Houdini-based pipeline.  These rooms are open during the same times as the HIVE Lounge.

Please make arrangements directly with your SideFX Account Manager or contact SideFX at