Electra Rig
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Learn how the Electra character was set up using the APEX rigging tools. This scene file shows you the basics of organizing character elements, using and creating reusable rig components and assembling animator-friendly scenes. There are also nodes for creating Locators and a Reverse Foot Setup.

To learn more about how these rigging tools work, check out the rigging presentation from the Houdini 20 HIVE. This will be posted after Nov 9th

This file shows you how to rig the Electra character. If you are an animator that wants to learn how to Pose and Keyframe the Electra test geometry then go to the following LESSON.

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Esther Trilsch is a Senior Character TD at SideFX. She started her career as a character TD apprentice at Walt Disney Animation Studios working on Zootopia, and worked at RiseFX as a Character Supervisor and Pipeline TD. Combining her focus for both the creative side of anatomy and deformation, as well as the technical side of RnD, she found her sweet spot in the building of innovative structures and tools for character workflows.

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  • eddishin 3 週間, 4 日 前  | 

    Thank you, Esther Trilsch.

  • benttoenail 3 週間, 3 日 前  | 

    Super helpful, cheers!

  • sboris 3 週間, 1 日 前  | 

    Thx Esther for your efforts.
    Are you secretly Electra?? lol

  • mushogenshin 2 週間, 6 日 前  | 

    Hi Esther, thanks a lot for your efforts! I saw two stashed component scripts (for the locator and reversefoot) which I cannot seem to crack open to see the implementation details. I'd like to examine more closely what you did in those setups. Could you please kindly help?


  • mushogenshin 2 週間, 6 日 前  | 

    Ah, silly me, I found it! They are all visible in the APEX Network View. Many thanks, again!

  • esttri 2 週間, 5 日 前  | 

    ha yes, since graphs are in the end just geometry to can directly edit that geometry on a stash SOPs or even better on the APEX Edit Graph SOP

  • iamjaden 2 週間, 1 日 前  | 

    I wonder what the prefered workflow from Apex to Unreal would be? Do you have any suggestions @Esttri? Thank you very much for your effort! Regards, Philipp.

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