Bacteria growth

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Hey guys
I need to create a detailed sim of bacteria multiplying.
Like This []

My main problem is figuring out how to drive shape by age on a bullet sim.
I've gotten half way there, but now my Houdini knowledge is holding me back.
Can someone take a look at my scene and help me connect the dots please.

Thanks allot

germs7.hiplc (390.4 KB)

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Not sure how to do it with RBD (I'm sure it's possible, but thats beyond me right now), but worked out something interesting with pops, might give you some ideas.

bacteria_v01.hipnc (353.2 KB) [] []
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Here is my modification to Matt's attempt.

I have added a new geo called make_shape_sequence.
This is a 100 frame animation of a metaball separating.
Not the best, but an animation example place holder.
Go ahead and cache this out to disk. $HIP/geo

Now in Matt's geo network I have added an attribute_wrangle to convert age to a percentage (i.e. somewhere within our 100 frame animation).
This result gets stamped into the filename for the copy1 source. This fetches the appropriate frame from the cached geo on disk as the particle ages.

int shape_frame_count = 100;
i@frame_to_display= int(float((@life*@age) / 100) * shape_frame_count);

There is still no collision but you at least get some separation effect as the particles age.

ap_me_bacteria_v01_121.hipnc (383.5 KB)
Screen Shot 2016-03-28 at 1.34.39 PM.png (465.7 KB)

Using Houdini Indie 20.0
Ubuntu 64GB Ryzen 16 core.
nVidia 3050RTX 8BG RAM.
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