Skyscraper Destruction

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I present you my first personal project done entirely in Houdini.
I basically learn the software throught this project and finally
I came to the end of it.

Please let me know what you think of the dynamics, the look and breakdown. I am really scratching the surface of Houdini so critics are well appreaciated!

Ill upload the hip file for those who wants to wonder around the network (H 14.0.474)

thanks to the Side FX community for helping me implementing the scene. []

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Thanks for sharing your file!

There is a lot to take a look at in there.
Using Houdini Indie 20.0
Windows 11 64GB Ryzen 16 core.
nVidia 3050RTX 8BG RAM.
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Looks great! Thanks or sharing hip.
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