Vertex Animation to UE4 problem

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Hello all,

I created a simple fluid sim which I am trying to bring over to UE4. Everything is setup correctly as far as I can tell. I followed this tutorial: []

However my object seems to have half of the faces missing for some reason (see image below)

I have full precision UVs enabled as well per the tutorials suggestion, running UE4 4.22 and Houdini 17.5

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Hi. The link to the image won't load. Can you try attaching it again?

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I tried to export an rbd simulation to Unreal. I used animation_vertex_texture ROP for that. I followed the video [] (which is a great video).
But when I exported the packed objects I got a bad motion, it appears as the fragmented pieces had a bad pivot. So I tried to export an unpacked object. In that case the tool seems to create a 0 rot map. And save just the positions of the vertices and I got a correct motion in unreal.
So something seems to be messed up while creating the rot map. Do you have any idea, why I got a different result then in the masterclass??? What should I be care while creating rot map???
Thank you.
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Double check your import settings to make sure you are replacing the Vertex Colours when you import the mesh. 9/10 times thats the cause of bad rotations

VertColour.JPG (15.3 KB)

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