Tutorials by Houdini versions?

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I was Houdini 16 indie user for a little, i was able to make many assets for my own game, specialy using the Game Tools.

Later on my workplace we got a bunch of Houdini Licenses but we didnt use it that much (Lack of tutorials in japanese was the main reason).

Now i want to use Houdini again and i download aprentice H18, sadly i cant figure out many of the procedures i used before on h16 and all of my saved tutorials are not usable because many of the menus have diferent names.

So my question is, is there any tutorial for Houdini by Houdini version? Like Unity/Unreal with a enum menu with documentation by version.

Thank you
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Hi Fran,

Take a look here

Learning Material Summary

Hope this helps.
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