Parameter changes through blueprints

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I'm a bit of a noob to Unreal blueprints,

if I have a parameter in the houdini engine in unreal and I want to be able to change it through blueprints, how can I do that?

I have a seed parameter that creates a random shape and I want the user to be able to change that so it has to be accessible through blueprints..

Does anyone have any idea how it's done?
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Hello! This is all what Houdini Engine class can do inside Unreal Blueprint. []
In other words You cannot able to seed you parameters via Blueprint at now moment. I think it is features are soon will be added.
Because interesting thing, Houdini Engine component inside Blueprint have function "Has Parameter" which return boolean variable if parameter name is valid and this is works fine
Via Houdini Engine very handy to prototype levels and generate geometry inside Unreal.
Seed your integer parameter then Bake to static mesh this is way.

Houdini component.png (90.4 KB)

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