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Are animated textures possible in LOPs/Karma? 2023年2月2日10:58

Ok, so this is fixed by turning on Allow Shader Parameter Animation on the materiallibrary LOP🤦

Are animated textures possible in LOPs/Karma? 2023年2月2日5:30

I've tried several approaches but can't seem to find a way to have an animated texture (texture sequence) work in USD. Has anybody managed this or is it not possible?

Recursive prim rename using RestructureSceneGraphLOP - 19.0 2023年1月31日15:02

This is much trickier than it might appear, unfortunately. You are correct in that renaming the first primitive basically invalidates the prim pattern from continuing. Recursively renaming, or renaming the whole primitive path, will need to be handled specifically, but hasn't come up until now; and it gets much, much trickier when variants are involved. Can I ask you to log an RFE for this, please? ForEach LOP suffers from basically same issue. I tried to put together a workaround, but couldn't manage to do so.

In the mean time, another temporary workaround could be to pull the USD Prims into SOPs, and re-authoring the @path/@name attributes there. You'd then need to copy any attributes, transforms, etc... on the ancestor Xforms, but I think all the pieces are there to do that? Sorry we don't have a great solution right now, for fixing these exported prim paths.

But as for the issue you are tryin to solve, there should be a way to turn off the prefixing of scene paths in the program you're exporting from, I'd expect? It's a workflow adjustment (especially for workflows/artists/departments used to treating hierarchy as a UI), but since the prim path/hierarchy in USD is the UUID, exports should ideally be setup to export to the right prim paths. Otherwise you have to do a bunch of prim renaming/mangling, which is always prone to issues, especially with VariantSpecs in the mix. I can't remember if Blender even has this problem, but I'm positive there are ways to fix the namespace getting prefixed, coming out of Maya? Those are the two most common non-Solaris/public sources of USD data that I'm aware of...

I also running into this issue and am trying out the workaround. I renamed the prims but I end up with a new set of prims and the old set still there. I'm thinking that's correct (can't delete stuff in USD world) but not sure? I can always clean the old prims up with a restructure. The part I'm not sure about is how to copy the transforms from the old prims to the new ones?