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Renderman 26 in Solaris Volume Light 2024年5月7日5:39

This is just a quick question: Does Renderman 26 (RIS) in Solaris support volume light (the light from the emission of the volume casting onto the scene around it)? I know it doesn't support mesh lights but I thought volume light might work. Doesn't seem to be though.

Strange Vellum Hair behaviour 2024年3月20日12:10

Ah. After the copy. Of course, because the orientation wouldn't be updated. Thanks Tomas!

Strange Vellum Hair behaviour 2024年3月20日11:25

I'm getting some odd results whilst simming some tufts of hair.

I'm copying the tufts onto some scattered points and then testing with gravity. Instead of the tufts falling straight down, I get an odd push along the positove Z axis which leads to an un-natural look.

I cannot figure out what is causing this. I've tried the simplest setup I can think of and I still get the odd result. I've attached and example file and any insight would be great.