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Let's explore the larger than life world of Crowds in Houdini! The best thing I love about Crowds in Houdini is the performance speed on the computer. You can get blazing fast speeds with large scale scene filled with dozens to hundreds of agents walking about in your scene and it still won't choke. The secret to all this is Houdini's special packed primitives and packed agent primitives, it makes your Crowd scenes so fast! Join me in this mini-series where we'll explore how to setup a simple Crowd scene and how to bring in your own custom-made Kine-FX characters into Crowds or maybe you bought a character online and would like to convert it into a Crowd scene!

Playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLqovuMX-teVP15t-e4zaLsiuA0Mzz5qyx



Transitioning from a coder to a 3D artist. Houdini was the best option for me after I explored a different number of 3D software applications. I love the procedural workflow in Houdini and how easily accessible the attributes of the geometry are available to the user. This makes it a lot easier to focus on creating a good render and less time wasted on trying to figure out how to access certain geometry points or edges.

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  • MirHadi 9 ヶ月, 1 週間 前  | 

    I appreciate all the effort you have put into this.
    If possible please provide more videos about crowd simulations.
    Thank you again.

  • skadbone1 7 ヶ月, 2 週間 前  | 

    Hi and thanks for this!-I look forward to watching the whole series, since I was actually looking for something like this. Where can I please find the files, I use 19.5.716 and 19.5.752. Thank you, Craig

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