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Have you ever thought about combining Houdini's procedural power with state of the art AI Algorithms without having to care about boilerplate scripts or neverending downloads? Look no further as Paul Ambrosiussen and Moritz Schwind cover their strategies and practice of doing exactly this with a modular Machine Learning Toolkit they developed for Houdini, allowing you to natively use Houdini's Data to drive, customize and process various AI Models.

You can download the plug-in using the link on this page. You can also join the Discord server to work with Paul and Moritz to expand and enhance this toolset.

Learn how to work with MLOPS, the free and Open Source Machine Learning Plugin for Houdini developed by Paul Ambrosiussen and Entagma, Licensed and Distributed by Bismuth Consultancy BV.



Still thinks “Space: 1999” is the coolest thing that ever happened on german TV. Be it pixels, hardware, code or cameras – if it’s interesting, Moritz is gonna take it apart. And sometimes even reassemble it. In his spare time he likes to dabble with code and create generative artwork. He claims his early exposure to QBasic is no help at all when working in Houdini, Cinema 4D, Processing or Arduino. But it might have been what started his fascination for the boundaries of code and art. When not wreaking havoc to any intriguing devices around him, he works as a freelance Art Director / Technical Director.

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  • Enivob 1 ヶ月, 1 週間 前  | 

    Thanks for the toolkit, it's a lot of fun. These tutorials got me up and running without any install issues.

  • GSO 1 ヶ月 前  | 


  • HubertPokrandt 2 日, 14 時間 前  | 

    Hello ,

    Is there possibility to use MLOPs on AMD Radeon 6800xt ?

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