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Upres Bonfire May 16, 2022, 1:12 p.m.


I used the Pyro Configure Bonfire tool to set up a decent looking bonfire. I am finding that when I lower the voxel size to the amount of detail that I want, the simulation changes dramatically (in terms of motion and flame length and all of those things). I'd like to keep the simulation the way it is but upres it so that I can keep the basic shape and motion but also have the needed detail.

I watched this [] tutorial about upresing fire simulations. I've been able to follow it fairly well, but I'm confused as to what the first input into the gasupres node should be and where it should come from.

I've attached some screenshots of my setup below. The second input to the pyrosolver_bonfire node is a collision volume. The source_burn Volume Source is set to have the Second Context Geometry as the input.

Thanks for the help!