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Arrays in Houdini. Wondering... June 17, 2018, 10:18 a.m.

Hi, I'm a Senior FX artist coming form Softimage XSI and I've switched to Houdini FX 3 years ago.
There are many ICE nodes that are missing in Houdini that stops me in my day to day work. I think it would be important to have someone from SideFX to port them to Houdini in an official way so they would be part of the default Houdini nodes.

Here's some examples:

- Get array min - Get array average - Get array max - Get array sum - Get array median - …
but also nodes like:
- Select in array - Find in Array - Get element index - Get Array Sub Indices - Sort Array with key - Push on Array - Pop from array - …
and those concerning the set (as if you would Attribute Promote to Details):
- Build Array from Set - Get Set Min - Get Set Max
- Select SubArray in Array - Build 2D Array - Build Index Array - Build array from constant -

I truly believe it would be useful to the community. Any XSI users missing these nodes as well?

Here's the Autodesk's list: []!/url=./files/iceref_nodes.htm