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OpenGL Fatal Error Not able to run OpenGL 3.3 Sept. 6, 2017, 11:17 a.m.

The way I get round it is by running ubuntu on my remote netbook to connect to my VPN or gridmarkets - 4 year old 10" screen with 4GB RAm and intel 3000 graphics - so on the face of it, no way to run opengl 3.3+ or even Houdini. But, linux definitely squeezes enough out of the hardware to make remote working possible and the MESA opengl drivers support opnegl3.3 (ubuntu 16.04 and MESA v17). And that includes running a couple of copies of Houdini at once. There are a number of older or lightweight nvidia, amd and intel graphics cards that wont support opengl 3.3 on windows but technically, the cards can do it with the MESA drivers. So.. if its practical to switch your remote OS to linux, you can try that (though I know folk have also got the MESA drivers running on OSX).

Why does hou.createNode() not work for material types? Nov. 23, 2015, 10:11 a.m.


Done a ton of python FBX and shader stuff on another forum recently and createNode definitely does work. As example, try ;

shader = hou.node('/shop')

As arctor said, vopmaterial is a generalized type so you then need to apply a preset after, either creating your own preset or recycling an existing gallery entry using the hou.galleries methods. ie,

applyclay = hou.node('/shop/vopmaterial1')

Obviously need to check your presets and nodes match for any other contexts you may be using (pyro, cvex, RSL, whatever). canApplyToNode() method can check that for you.

Good luck!