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Toon Character Torque Export Problem April 26, 2010, 9:04 a.m.

Well, Tpitman…it is difficult to say.

As a developer, when I'm confronted with ‘time consuming’ delays in an area such as this, I re-evaluate the workflow/tool. Is this ‘awesome’ tool/modifier really ‘meaningful’ to my production needs, or can I do pretty much the same thing, in a different workflow.

At this point…I would move away from the ‘AutoRig’ toolshelf, and probably build my own rig and control system from the ground up, as the developers of the Digital Content Creator have don't have my precise workflow or asset requirements in the forefront of their minds when designing tools and modifiers…so, there ya have it. If I haven't gotten a good workflow established in a week or so…I move on to where I can get my production needs finished in a timely fashion. There are only 52 weeks in the year! Not enough to burn trying to invent the wheel, so to speak; but it's all a matter of time constraints. If I have the time, I'll pound away on something till I get it beaten into shape.

Keep on chuggin'!

PS: it sounds as though you need some really intense one-one tutoring with your assets and the tools to get things sorted. Usually I'll jump in on something like this, but our schedule at the current moment is not allowing me to burn any spare time, sorry I can't be of more help at the moment. Again, I beat on ‘AutoRig’ for a while and could not get it working to my satisfaction…..for what it's worth. That was at least a year ago….

Toon Character Torque Export Problem March 24, 2010, 3:31 p.m.

It must be because of the AutoRig multiple control objects…because I know that AutoDetails work very well, as I helped the ROP author in testing it out! I think the dancing orc you see in the brief export video was submitted by me, although I was a bit surprised to see a video produced with it, . And they didn't really go into exporting just the animation binary DSQ's at all…and not sure if the guy got the material to render or not…heh-heh…

Again, I found it difficult to weave in/out of the AutoRig tools to get a good export to Torque; good luck to you with the AutoRigs… I liked their control very much, but as I've seen with many programs exporting to Torque, what you get in the UI is not what might be capable in exporting/support to DTS…

Toon Character Torque Export Problem March 24, 2010, 2:58 p.m.

It sounds as though you're trying to get LOD's with this setup, tpitman? I ‘thought’ that the exporter/ROP had “autoDetails” feature within? If you are looking strictly for LOD's for rendering optimization; I'd say, look into those. Great you're sorting how to do it via HD's tools! AutoDetails is one of the nice features for an Artist in Torque; you don't need to ‘physically’ crunch the geometry yourself, just adjust some numbers in your exporter….and view the rendered result in the engine/viewer.

If you're looking for ‘LOD’s'/Levels Of Detail, I ‘think’ you can just ‘add’ another one via the ROP and fill in the ‘details’, using the geometry object as a reference, pretty sure of that, exporter does the rest. Instant/auto poly crunching….it's great. Fairly certain T3D supports it as well!