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Flux 1.0 at a reduced price! Dec. 22, 2017, 10:51 p.m.


If that question was to me on how I knew about Modeler?
I just did a google search for “houdini flux” and it gave a the info I posted previously in “quotes”.

Is there some product confusion with this? Is Flux 2 the new product just released?
Didn't the advertisement for it have for Flux 1 owners, free upgrade to Flux 2?

I am willing to pay for stuff that is priced and pitched, even though your tool is damn nice, powerful, time-saving$$, and well worth $100. That is not what we agreed to with my purchase. Giving me a “discount” is charging me even though the original agreement was $30 for Flux 1, with a free upgrade to Flux 2. It is not good business to change the agreement after a sale. Bad mojo. I am not at all enraged, but I cannot agree to purchase the tool twice when you agreed to upgrade my purchase for free. I was not aware of all the differing pricing strategies that took place.


PS thanks Lyr, I totally forgot about checking my account. I had a lot of Zbrush stuff there I TOTALLY forgot about. Digital closets. Build um bigger and we just fill um up.

Flux 1.0 at a reduced price! Dec. 22, 2017, 8:21 p.m.


Was the updated Flux2 going to be as advertised, a free update, for Flux1 purchasers?

I purchased Flux1 like last month, with the hopes for Flux2 being a worthwhile investment.
Flux1 does not seem to be available on gumroad anymore as well, since Flux2 took its place.

This is how it was posted on gumroad I believe, hard to tell 100% since the Flux1 page is gone. But I do recall reading it this way. If I misunderstand this, please let me know.

“NOTE: Modeler 1.0 (former Flux 2.0) coming soon and it will be free for all Flux 1.0 customers! … Special primitive type node that creates quadric geometry. … Additional simple tools: Quick Copy, VDB Remesh, Bake Geometry.”



how do you add tutorials to the tutorial page in Feb. 17, 2016, 2:24 a.m.

While I know some of the tutorials are deep, I am very pleased that most if not all aim at providing foundation effects. There are also alternative sites for learning and resources. The more tutorials that you complete either by walking or crawling through them, the more you pick up on how things happen inside Houdini… imho