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Creating new nodes March 19, 2020, 4:53 p.m.

Oh that's great! Thank you!

I'm importing a lot of objects from Lightwave via .fbx and .obj and that'll do the trick. It's a good example to learn from.

Change “principledshader” to “redshift_vopnet” and voila!

Creating new nodes March 13, 2020, 4:08 p.m.

Hi all,

I'm trying to learn how to automatically create new nodes in the /mat context.

This is to automate the process of setting up Redshift materials for FBX, OBJ and similar data from external sources. I've been doing it manually for small numbers of materials, but when I get an FBX with hundreds of them, I'm dead.

The two ways I'd like to do it would be:

1. For FBX, read the list of imported material names in matnet A, and create new Redshift Material Builder nodes with the same names in matnet B, then retarget @shop_materialpath.

2. For OBJ, I'd like to split() the material names from @shop_materialpath, eliminate duplications, and then create new RS Material Builder nodes from those names.

I suspect that the answer lies in Python, and I'm reviewing the masterclass for that now, but I thought I'd check here as this is likely already a solved problem for many of you.


Houdini Vertex Animation Sheets to Unreal Nov. 14, 2017, 1:16 p.m.

Hi Chris,

I'm testing this functionality myself. I'm wondering if your issues with the Fluid output is the UV precision setting? There's a parameter “Use Full UV Precision” that needs to be turned on.

More info here: https://realtimevfx.com/t/vertex-animation-output-from-houdini/1562/17 [realtimevfx.com]

My issue right now is that copypasting the shader code out of Houdini 16.5 into Unreal 4.18 gives me the shader nodes, but with no interconnections. I'm gonig to try the github version to see if that changes things. I was hoping that the latest would be in 16.5 release.