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just saying hello March 7, 2014, 8:46 a.m.

Hello everyone

Just noticed that my old account from 2005 here on the forums seems to be inactive…
I guess, it`s a good time to start fresh again with all the familiar names from the Softimage community.

Since I am just a 3D hobbyist XSI/Softimage has been the more artist friendly / non-technical savvy ch(j)o(y)ice for me.
But with what I hear Houdini might get some more attention in the future.

In a way the discontinuation of Softimage seems to interconnect two of the most talented, creative and helpful communities one can find in this area. I presume that will make Autodesk feel sorry sooner or later.
I am very excited to see where this collaboration will be leading to in the future!

Thanks for the warm welcome (again)