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Muscle creation on alembic animation Feb. 19, 2020, 9:02 a.m.

Hi there,

Im trying to create muscles for an alembic animation.
I have a horse animation in Maya with spheres(to act as anchors)constrained to the joints and exported from Maya as alembic.
I have followed the master class on muscle creation and hit a wall when trying to connect the muscles to the alembic spheres.

In houdini..
Ive created separate geo nodes and object merged(into this object), converted to polys and scaled down.
The masterclass on muscles says I can connect to geometry, which Ive tested with a sphere I created in Houdini, it works.
When I connect it to the alembic sphere with the animation, it doesn't.

Is the problem that muscles have to be created at the object level?

Im sure its something simple which Im missing but can't figure it out.
Unless its just not possible? Which I doubt…