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Anyone using Houdini for asset creation in UE4? ..I have a small issue Feb. 20, 2018, 6:31 a.m.

if you want to assign unreal materials inside of houdini you can do it with a unreal material node, copy the path from your unreal material (right click your material inside of unreal and select copy reference) to the string parameter of the node inside of houdini…if I remeber right.

If you want to assign houdini materials and want to get rid of the error message you can create a matnet inside your subnet and assign the materials from there with a relative path to your materials. So something like “../../matnet/yourmaterial”, instead of “/mat/principledshader”

Also try to use group nodes to assign different materials to different parts of your geometry. Just select all faces you want to assign a different material to, press TAB inside the viewport and type group! Then you can use material nodes and point them to different groups.

Hope it helps

Looping in materials? May 3, 2017, 4:52 a.m.

thanks alot for your suggestions, I will look into the voronoise and uvlayout abuse…
Meanwhile this is what it looks like, done completely in sops!

What do you guys think? Not photorealistic but for me a good accomplishment

Looping in materials? May 2, 2017, 11:27 a.m.


I am currently trying to build a material to achieve the look…or at least come a little closer to the skin of a chameleon…
something like this [google.de])

First I built it in sops with a lot of foreach loops and copy nodes to get different sized spheres and it somewhat looks nice and is ok for a beginner like me, but it is very slow, so I wanted to try to build a material.

I started with this…first attached image

and this is what it looks like in the render..second image

Is it possible to somehow loop over the black areas created by the rounded hexes node to create smaller hexes inbetween the larger ones without them overlapping? At the moment I have a boxes node in there…I hope someone can help me?
I am trying for days and can't seem to get anywhere