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Karma XPU (H20) vs Redshift Nov. 20, 2023, 3:03 p.m.

I'm also trying to transition away from the Maxon licensing system, used to use C4D, moved to Houdini. Use Redshift but can't quite move away just yet. I think for the freelancer it is a hard transition as Karma / USD would appear to be for the large scenes and not the archetypal motion piece.

I am persisting as my license of RS runs out in March and I really hope to go over to XPU, but it isn't as full featured or efficient as RS. After all RS has been going some years and has a dedicated team to just rendering. Fair play to the H guys and Karma team.

Along with another thread, just remember to tick "Render all as one process" if you are rendering multiple frames. I think the fact RS isn't available to H20 just yet means more and more people are trying Karma.

SOLARIS rendering (SOLARIS vs SOP level using Redshift) Nov. 20, 2023, 3:03 a.m.

They way you've set this up will guarantee that it will be very slow. The default way to render sequences out of solaris assumes that the render will take long enough that the cost of generating the scene and starting the render process will be trivial. However, if the scene itself is trivial and the render time also, then the cost of restarting the render and loading a single frame scene will be high in comparison. For renders that are super trivial 2 second renders of micro scenes like this, it's much better to render sequence at once instead of frame by frame.

Thanks for the explanation, I did wonder if SOLARIS was best used for huge and complex scenes. Thankfully the render single process works, but it only seems to work for the Karma render delegate. I'm now trying H20 XPU again with a scene to see how that works out, but from my initial tests I had flickering in the shadow areas, like there was a bounce light and then not. It was very odd.

But maybe trying the render single process will give a more consistent render.

Thanks for your help


SOLARIS rendering (SOLARIS vs SOP level using Redshift) Nov. 19, 2023, 4:33 a.m.

Here's a proper comparison, with simple objects, simple Vellum and there is still a huge delay between processing frames in LOPS compared to SOPS. WHYYYY!!???

After this video, I thought I'd try Karma XPU and that rendered 6 frames in SOLARIS, again there is something going on in the BG that is causing a bit of a bottleneck. Grrr.