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Fill hole max edge count? Sept. 18, 2023, 3:05 a.m.

Hey all, is there a way to fill holes based on edge count? I want to fill all tiny holes but exclude the big hole at the base. Im working with scanned meshes, so very dense. Any ideas?

Is Houdini getting buggier and buggier? March 7, 2023, 12:57 p.m.

It's a bit of problem submitting crashfiles and bugreports when you are working in a studio. I don't really have access to internet and I cant roll back drivers either beacause thats all up to to tech support. Not sure how SideFX gets hold of that kind of studio data, would be valueble for sure. Lots of things happening in a studio that doesent happen with my home computer.
Maybe the issue is that the last couple of years many studios have expanded the use of Houdini to areas that is not historically its strong suite. Like Layout and environments, I used to do all that in Maya. Maybe the the classic Houdini VFX stuff gets all the feedback and attention it needs and never crashes then.
I think there are two separate big problems going on. Memory handling and graphics driver issue.

Is Houdini getting buggier and buggier? March 7, 2023, 10:26 a.m.

Im an environment artist, so its mostly sops. I work in a proffesional setup with a remote machine and streaming all the data from servers. Currently I have a threadripper PRO 3955wx 16 core, Nvidia A4000 and 128gb of Ram. Rendering with Arnold.
So I do a lot of scattering, trees and stuff. Very intense stuff but not to complicated. In this case with the grid, I just wanted to add a ground plane at the horizon and it worked the third time. Also just enabling and disabling a scatter I never know if its going to survive. I think its all about the memory, when I had 64gb it would crash every 30 minutes or so and sometimes freeze the whole machine and corrupt the save. With 128gb it gives a bit more time. But often its just importing a new alembic tree and it will explode. Im actually on H18.5 at the moment but I had the same problems on 19.5.
I talked to a friend the other day and they now started doing grooming in houdini and he was also complaining about constant crashes.

As I remeber I didnt have that much problems in Houdini 15 to 17, but maybe I am pushing it harder now.