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Are we going to see updates in the autorigging system in Houdini 17, Michael? May 11, 2018, 12:49 p.m.

Hi! Ah does indie not support 3rd party?

For smaller setups Redshift would definitely be the way to go for a lot of shots imho!

Hi Costin.
I use Houdini like a freelancer and to be honest the most slow render in my test is Mantra.
If Houdini Indie not have third party render it will be impossible to use Houdini(my opinion).
Houdini Indie bring new life to SideFX, people like me that can buy only a single core I7 but not exactaly a renderfarm or two processor in one machine had difficult to work.
Mantra is good! Mantra is beautifull! Mantra is integrate…. I know it all.
But if I can not render my jobt in time I will not make money… but we had a talk about it in “thoughts about mantra” and SideFX probably read it a lot…
I think here is not necessary to open this speech again
Today I am focus in character rigging in Houdini like I can do in Maya.
Now I am study to teach Houdini in Brazil at São Paulo and render and rigging will be a very delicate talk with my students in the future.
Because when a lot of us started in Houdini we want an alternative to other package for character animation and if possible render too
That was only a comment only it.

Are we going to see updates in the autorigging system in Houdini 17, Michael? May 8, 2018, 8:06 a.m.

Out of curiosity Harry, what do you see in Mantra that is a weakness?
We have full access to Arnold here and have been choosing Mantra for most projects as it is very flexible (especially with regards to it's houdini attribute intergration of course).


The two areas that Houdini need to be more strong is a Render Engine and Character Animation.
If character rigging and animation became more friendly more user come to Houdini especially if we think the big advantage that SideFx bring to us with Houdini Indie ;-)

It is not a criticizes but I am a little tired to see FX at ever Houdini showreel all the time.
But it is my fault too :-)

problem encountered when selecting points for a "Constrain Points to target" Houdini 16.5 April 12, 2018, 6:27 a.m.

Just for reference I have been told this is fixed in the next build. Hoorah!