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Unreal Engine - How to use PDG? March 23, 2020, 2:46 a.m.


The best and easiest way to split those meshes on the unreal side would be to use packed primitives in your HDA, by packing each building, roads…
On the unreal side, you'd get separate instanced static mesh components per packed geometry (which could be beneficial if you're re-using the same building multiple times for example).

If you do not want instanced static meshes, you can simply add the “unreal_split_instances” detail attribute to your HDA, this will tell the plugin to create separate static meshes for each instances instead.
Hi, I've tried use your files, and relink them. In Houdini it has 25 boxes. but in UE4 there is nothing show up, both in 4.22 and 4.24 what should i do?