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Redshift renders randomly quit when rendering in Solaris Jan. 30, 2024, 8 p.m.

-I can't share a file because it's for work.

-My renders randomly quit and I can't figure out why.
-Every once in a while the sequence will complete. Or it could stop 15% of the way through or 80% of the way through. No way to tell if it will quit or when it will quit.

-We're using solaris and redshift in Houdini.
-The logs show the render has gone as expected. No errors.
-I am rendering a specific frame range of 90 frames.
-The renders are light - 2k tests that only take under 5 min per frame.
-The renders do not hang. My computer is not busy doing anything else.
-It does not matter if I'm logged in or have logged out of my remote session.
-Houdini Hair is present along with some other geo and we have used both the rs principled shader and a rs standard material shader.
-The file does not crash. I can update my frame range and start the render where it randomly stopped.

Things I have tried -
-Saving my scene locally and rendering it locally to my work computer instead of the network. - No change.
-Restarting my computer just before rendering - no change.
-Emptying any caches on my C drive (even though there's tons of room)and restarting my computer - no change
-Getting access to a different work computer - no change.

The only difference is when I don't render through solaris. If I render using a default houdini ROP AND I render to my C drive, then it will complete the sequence. But work wants me to render through Solaris and the settings they have set up there. I'm the test bunny so I can't compare notes to anyone else.

Thanks for any suggestions,

Fur Sim Issues with Scale and Settings Sept. 13, 2018, 3:04 p.m.

I am also wondering about this. Did you figure anything out?