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.json Packages and houdini_version Feb. 25, 2020, 1:27 a.m.

Works fine on my side with the attached file.
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I suspect you are not using valid single and double quotes characters in your json file.

Thanks for reply.
Sadly, no, my quotes and double quotes are all correct. I tried your json and can't get it to work either.
I can do
“houdini_version > ‘17.5.257’ and houdini_version < ‘17.5.259’”
to get .258 version. But I can't do
“houdini_version == ‘17.5.258’”

And I can get neither package_path nor $HOUDINI_PACKAGE_DIR to work.

.json Packages and houdini_version Feb. 24, 2020, 1:17 a.m.


.json Packages and houdini_version Feb. 20, 2020, 11:38 p.m.

Hi, I was pulling my hair out over this.
Basically, I have few versions of Houdini that need different HTOA versions. I tried to use Packages and houdini_version conditioning. However, houdini somehow can't resolve “houdini version” to exact number. I mean, I can do houdini_version > ‘17.5.200’, but I can't do houdini_version == ‘17.5.258’. And I can't get multiple condition keys to work. It always load the lastest condition nomatter what version of Houdini launched.


“env” :
// {“HTOA_STARTUP_LOG” : “0”},

{“PLG” : “W:/Plugins_HOUDINI/HTOA”},

{“houdini_version == ‘17.5.229’”:“${PLG}/htoa_4.0.2_houdini_17.5.229/htoa-4.0.2_r236e192_houdini-17.5.229”, “method”:“append”},
{“houdini_version == ‘17.5.258’”:“${PLG}/htoa_4.0.2_houdini_17.5.229/htoa-4.0.2_r236e192_houdini-17.5.229”, “method”:“append”},
{“houdini_version == ‘17.5.460’”:“${PLG}/htoa_5.0.3_houdini_17.5.460/htoa_5.0.3_houdini_17.5.460”, “method”:“append”}

{“houdini_version == ‘17.5.229’”:“${PLG}/htoa_4.0.2_houdini_17.5.229/htoa-4.0.2_r236e192_houdini-17.5.229/scripts/bin”, “method”:“append”},
{“houdini_version == ‘17.5.258’”:“${PLG}/htoa_4.0.2_houdini_17.5.229/htoa-4.0.2_r236e192_houdini-17.5.229/scripts/bin”, “method”:“append”},
{“houdini_version == ‘17.5.460’”:“${PLG}/htoa_5.0.3_houdini_17.5.460/htoa_5.0.3_houdini_17.5.460/scripts/bin”, “method”:“append”}
// end “env”