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ID'd Points Disappearing From Flip-Fluid Sim. Aug. 22, 2020, 7:16 a.m.

Working on a river-like flip-fluid sim cached to disk.

I’m reading the sim back into Houdini and extracting a few points based on their ID numbers.
The idea is to copy geometry onto these points and match the flip-fluid motion and collisions.

I assumed the ID’d points would remain visible until being killed at a simulation “limit”, but many of the ID’d points are disappearing before hitting that limit.

I believe this is caused by the “reseeding” which will… “Create new particles in voxels where the particle count has dropped too low to properly represent the fluid surface, and delete particles in voxels that have become too crowded.”

Have tried turning off reseeding, but the results haven’t been acceptable.

Am now using an Attribute Transfer SOP (in a Solver SOP) to transfer the velocity from the points in the cached sim to the selected points, and updating their positions that way. It’s sort of working but seems way too “hacky”.

Any suggestions for a better work-flow?


Day 23 | Worlds: Waterway July 24, 2020, midnight

edit: removed the duplicate image.

Karma roadmap Dec. 6, 2019, 11:17 p.m.

Mantra is the same. Licenses are never purchased for Indie, only FX and Core have that option.

Well, I have an FX license, and when I asked SESI about it, this was the response…

We will not be offering Karma as a permanent license. It will only be available as a rental license for a set period of time.
At this time the Karma license is free for a 1 yr license. Next year we may choose to change this.
The Mantra license will remain the same as before.